First in Japan to receive certification for
“JGAP livestock and livestock products”.

Tokushima Mitsuboshi Beef is a beef that Tokushima Prefecture can recommend with confidence as it has been tested for both "safety and security" as well as "deliciousness".
Tokushima Prefecture issues a certificate stamped with the Tokushima Prefecture Governor's seal for each beef that meets the three requirements set by Tokushima Prefecture in their certification guidelines.



JGAP is a certification given to "farms" that work on food safety and environmental protection.
In order to deliver safe ingredients to your table, we have set up various examination items such as livestock health management, proper use of veterinary drugs, and efforts for a comfortable livestock breeding environment.
We also evaluate efforts to ensure the safety of workers and to consider the global environment for sustainable farm management.

  • Safe and Secure

    • Rearing Hygiene
    • Management of Veterinary Drugs, etc.
    • Law Relating to Livestock Improvement (Management of semen, fertilized eggs, and livestock)
    • Law on Safety Assurance and Quality Improvement of Feed (Feed management)
    • Food Protection and Risk Management
  • Environment and Sustainability

    • Labor Management・Occupational Safety
    • Materials・Facilities・Machine Management
    • Animal Welfare
    • Biodiversity • Environmental Conservation
    • Coexistence with the Local Community

About JGAP

Cattle Raised in Tokushima

  • Certified Producers in Tokushima

    WWe certify that the producer's address (in the case of corporations, the location of the head office) and the ranch location are in Tokushima Prefecture, and that they are particular about their unique rearing management.

  • Local Resources

    Use of sires from Tokushima (raise until they can be in service), or raising cattle for over 1 year in Tokushima

  • Shipment Age

    Japanese black: over 28 months or more
    Hybrid: over 25 months or more


  • Yield Grade

    Gold star (Japanese black): A4 or B4 grade or higher
    Silver star (Hybrid): A3 or B3 grade or higher

  • Marbling of Fat (BMS)

    Gold star (Japanese black): BMS No.5 or above
    Silver star (Hybrid): BMS No.3 or above