How to make a recipe

  • STEP.1

    Chop beef scraps finely on a cutting board.
    When it cuts into small pieces, beat the meat with a knife as if you were hitting a cutting board.

  • STEP.2

    Transfer the meat of STEP.1 to a bowl, add salt, pepper and grated onion and knead them.
    At this time, if you knead well, the meat will become tender, but the feeling of eating the meat will be lessened. This is just as you like.

  • STEP.3

    Shape the meat of STEP.2 into an oval shaped.

  • STEP.4

    Pour the salad oil into a frying pan and heat, and put the meat of ③ on it.
    Cook both sides on high heat. It is best to have a medium rare condition with redness in the center instead of completely cooked the beef."
    When it is cooked the meat, rest for about 5 minutes.

  • STEP.5

    Place the beef steak with side dish as you like on a plate, serve with whole-grain mustard and tomato ketchup.